Cadence of Hyrule World Map Icons - What Do They Mean?

A map legend of the world in Cadence of Hyrule, with detailed descriptions.

Points of Interest

cadence stairs

Access to a different map within the map tile. Usually in the form of Caves or Basements.

Fairy Fountain
cadence fairy

Heals you for free, and sells weapon infusions at a diamond cost.

Boss / Miniboss
cadence of hyrule boss

Indicator for any surviving Boss/Miniboss.

Dungeon Before / After
cadence dungeon after

Before/after clearing(Killing the main boss). There may still be loot left inside.

Sheikah Stone
cadence teleport stone

Need to kill all monsters/Touch to Activate/Activated. Once activated, these serve as your warp points.


Deku Seed
cadence of hyrule deku

Available from Deku Scrub enemies in the overworld.

Heart Piece
cadence of hyrule heart

Available in the overworld, guarded by enemies or on top of a puzzle.

Red Chest
cadence red chest

Provides non-unique, finite-use items. Respawns.

Purple Chest
cadence purple chest

Provides unique tools, map charms and rupees. Does not respawn.

Blue Chest
cadence of hyrule blue chest

Provides unique weapons and shields. Does not respawn.


Rupee Shop
rupee shop cadence

Finite-use items and consumables are sold here.

Diamond Shop
cadence of hyrule diamond

Equipment and tools are sold here for Diamonds.

Bomb Shop
cadence of hyrule bomb

Bomb Shop. Bombs, Bombchus, and the Goron's Locket is sold here.

Beach Shop
cadence of hyrule beach shop

Beach Shop. The Snorkel and Bottle are sold here.

Potion Shop
cadence of hyrule potion

Potion Shop / Fortune teller. Sells potions if you have an empty bottle available. Also marks your next destination on the map, for a small fee. Three (one of each color) are available in a given game.

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