Cadence of Hyrule - Kakariko Shooting Gallery Mini-Game

Master archery, and reap great rewards! A Heart Piece and Big Quiver are obtained here.

This minigame can be a lot less confusing than it is made to seem. Once you approach the platform, the timer will start, and an upbeat version of the minigame sountrack will play, along with the usual combat rhythm bar at the bottom. all four buttons will be replaced with "Bow", and your goal is to get as many points as possible by shoot targets down within the given time, that the shopkeeper counts down from. Regular targets grant you 1 point, and the treasure chests reward 3 points.

Rewards and requirements:

  • 0~11 points: None
  • 12~19 points: A Piece of Heart
  • 20+ points: Big Quiver (Doubles arrow capacity to 20)

Rewards for already obtained items are replaced with 20 rupees.


A few tips dumbs down the seemingly confusing minigame.

First, the bow is not to be fired "instantly" the way it worked in Crypt of the Necrodancer or previous Legend of Zelda games. Holding down the key draws the bow, and releasing fires it (Although it CAN be instantly fired, it is not recommended to do so). Hold down the key, wait for the target to be in line with your line of aim, and release the key to guarantee a hit. This method works much more reliably than shooting on the fly with a tap to the button.

Second, spamming the buttons when many targets are closely overlapped per line does not help. As the minigame is also based on the rhythm, doing that will most likely result in your arrows missing a target you could have easily hit.

Third, the standing on the sides of the platform will likely grant you more points than the center. This is because the two opposing "target spawns" meet roughly at the center, which will result in the targets bunching together, preventing you from hitting some of them.

Watch the video for a visual overview. The player at hand gets away with a few misses and hiccups, and obtains the quiver.

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