Cadence of Hyrule - Gerudo Village Bombchu Bowling

Engage in some squeaky explosive fun for great rewards! A Heart Piece and Big Bomb Bag are obtained here.

This minigame is pretty straight-forward. Explode Bombchus on targets to earn points in a given period of time, with limited bomb count.

Rewards and Requirements:

  • 0~9 points: None
  • 10~14 points: A Piece of Heart
  • 15+ points: Big Bomb Bag (Doubles Bomb and Bombchu capacity to 10)

Rewards for already obtained items are replaced with 20 rupees.


Pretty straight-forward minigame. You are given 15 Bombchus and 50 seconds to blow up targets. It is often easier to place yourself at the center or a tile adjacent, unlike in the Shooting Gallery. This is because the same factor of "overlap" can actually be beneficial if detonated right. Overall, this is a much easier mini-game compared to the shooting gallery, but beware: the "already obtained item rewards" are still replaced by 20 - not 30 rupees. As a result, you will have a net loss of 10 rupees each time you are unable to grab the desired reward.

Watch the video for a visual overview. The player at hand gets away with quite a number of bad throws and obtains the Big Bomb Bag.

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