LastLevels Launch

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LastLevels is a new custom-built wiki primarily focused on video game content. We are looking for feedback and suggestions as we continuously improve the website.

The team behind LastLevels has been in the games industry making websites and content for a few years now. During that time a lot was learned and we kept running into one main problem: there are a lot of games and they are a lot bigger these days. Our small team of 3 simply can’t keep up. This lead us to wanting a more wiki-style website, but we found that current wiki solutions did not fit our needs and decided to make our custom wiki from scratch.

This is where LastLevels comes in. As a brand new wiki system focused on video games we will be able to implement new and unique features. One of our first features is a map editor, which allows users to make interactive pages representing video game worlds and areas.

We plan on creating a lot more custom features but for now, our focus is on making the editing tools easier to use and having our team create a couple of starting wikis.

There won’t just be wikis on LastLevels. We love creating things and you can expect more tools and features like our Pokémon Fusion generator.

We would love to hear all feedback and we hope to make LastLevels one of the best video game wikis on the internet.

This page was last updated on October 31st, 2020, 12:41 PM