Wild Area

East lake Axewell

The WIld Area in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield


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Lighting Storm

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Dust Storm

What can be Found

Pokémon Dens and Max Raid Battles
Den in the wild

Pokémon Dens can be found all around the Wild area! The bright light shines from the Dens allows players to see where the active Dens are from far away.

Find all about Dens and Max Raids here!

Items on the Ground
Item on ground

All throughout the Wild Area items can be found on the ground. Players just need to keep an eye out for a sparkle from the ground. Once they see the sparkle, go up to it and press A to pick up the item.

A variety of items can be found on the ground from ingredients, held items, stones, fossils and more.

nursery in the wild area

Players can use the Nursery in Bridge Field to breed Pokémon by talking the the Pokémon Breeding standing outside of the building.

Who can be Found

Watt Trader
watt seller

The Watt Trader can be found through the Wild Area at 5 locations. He allows players to change their riding outfit, upgrade their bike and play the Rotom Rally. Find out more about the Watt Trader and what he has to offer here!

Hikers and Fishers
npc fisher
npc hiker

These NPCs can be found through out the Wild Area. Players can interact with them and will be offered a rare item in exchange for 100 Watts. Players can receive items such as Peals, Exp. candy and more!

Ingredients Seller
npc hiker

While there is a permanent ingredient seller near the Hammerlocke entrance random sellers can spawn throughout the Wild Area. He will see ingredients that can be used for cooking.

Pokémon Breeder Chloe
npc pokemon breeder female

Pokémon Breeder Chloe can be found 3 times in the Wild Area. As players progress through the game Chloe's Pokémon will change, first with ther starter three, and then their first evolution , and then their final Evolution. Depending on the milestones the players has passed will determine hte Pokémon that the Pokémon Breeder will have.

Up Until Players get their 3rd badge. Level 0-30
Grookey Lv. 13
grass icon
grookey official artwork


  • Scratch
  • Branch Poke
  • Growl
Scorbunny Lv. 13
fire icon
scorbunny official artwork


  • Quick Attack
  • Ember
  • Growl
Sobble Lv. 13
water icon
sobble official artwork


  • Pound
  • Water Gun
  • Growl
Level 30- 100
Raboot Lv. 30
fire icon
raboot official artwork


  • Flame Charge
  • Agility
  • Double Kick
Drizzile Lv. 30
water icon
drizzile official artwork


  • Water Pulse
  • Tearful Look
  • Sucker Punch
Thwackey Lv. 30
grass icon
thwackey official artwork


  • Razor Leaf
  • Screech
  • Double Hit
After Winning the Championship.
Inteleon Lv. 60
water icon
inteleon official artwork


  • Snipe SHot
  • Sucker Punch
  • U-Turn
  • Tearful Look
Rillaboom Lv. 60
grass icon
rillaboom official artwork


  • Drum Beating
  • Double Kick
  • Knock Off
  • Screech
Cinderace Lv. 60
fire icon
cinderace official artwork


  • Pyro Ball
  • Double Kick
  • Bounce
  • Agility
Digging Duo
digging duo

The Diggin Duo can be found in Bridge Field. The duo can dig up items in exchange for Watts.

One brother prides himself in stamina allowing him to dig up more items and one brother prides himself for his skill as he tends to dig up more valuable items.

Online Players

Wild Areas

Meetup Spot
meet up spot small
Rolling Fields
rolling fields small
Dapple Grove
Dapple Grove Small
West Lake Axewell
West lake Axewell small
Watchtower Ruins
watchtower ruins small
Axew's Eye
Axews eye Small
East Lake Axewell
east lake axewell
North Lake Miloch
north lake miloch small
South Lake Miloch
South lake Miloch small
Giant's Seat
giants seat small
Motostoke Riverbank
motostoke riverbank small
Bridge Field
Bridge Field small
Stony Wilderness
stony wilderness small
Giant's Mirror
giants mirror small
Dusty Bowl
dusty bowl small
Hammerlocke Hill
hammmerlocke hill small
Giant's Cap
giants cap small
Lake of Outrage
lake of outrage small

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