How to get the Legendary Giants

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How to get the Legendary Giants

The Terrible Titans... Lurking Locked Away (Legendary Giants)

Ruins location map


iron ruins outside
iron ruins

Registeel can be found in Giant's Bed in the Iron Ruins. Exit the town of Freezington to the left of the Cabin shared with Peony heading into the Frostpoint Field, from there continue until you reach Giants's Bed and see the Steel Ruins building. On the door, there is the riddle "Let ring the piercing note that will wake the giant of steel." In order to get the door to open, you must whistle in front of it. To whistle stand in front of the door and press in on the left control stick. This will trigger the door to open and you can enter the Iron Ruins. Once inside the ruins, there will be a series of stones on the ground. Step on each one to activate a light. Once have all been stepped on and all are flowing the room will shake and "Something changed in the air..." and the statue at the head of the room will glow. Now interact with the statue and you can start the encounter with Registeel.

registeel official artwork


rock peak ruins outside
rock peak ruins

Regisrock can be found in the Rock Peak Ruins that is in Giant's Bed. To get to the Rock Peak Ruins go through Giants Bed, past the Old Cemetery, continuing until you see the Ruins buildings. On the door, it says "Let the first Pokémon hold never-changing stone" so in order to get the door to open the first Pokémon in your party needs to hold an Everstone. Once that is done interact with the door and it will open, allowing you to enter the Rock Peak Ruins. Again step on all of the stones on the ground and once they all glow the room will shake. Now head to the statue at the front of the room to encounter Regirock.

regirock official artwork


iceberg ruins outside
iceberg ruins

To find Regice go up Snowslide Slop to get to the Iceberg Ruins. To get to the Ruins take the path that is hidden behind the falling apart brick wall. On the door of the ruins it says "Walk together with a living crystal of snow", so in order, to enter the Iceberg Ruins the Pokémon Cryogonal needs to be the first Pokémon in the party. Crygogonal can be caught in the surrounding areas. Once again step on all of the stone on the ground and once they all glow the room will shake, and the statue at the front of the room will initiate a Regice encounter.

regice official artwork

Regieleki and Regidrago

split decision ruins outside
split decision ruins

For Regieleki and Regidrago head to Three-Point Pass, going through the Roaring-Sea Cave and the Frigid Sea to get to Three-Point Pass and continue to the Split-Decision Ruins. On the door, it says "A giant of rock. A giant of ice. A giant of steel, when gather the three giants, the door of destiny will be opened." In order for the door to open have Regice, Regirock, and Registeel all in your Pokémon party when you interact with the door, allowing you to enter the ruins. Once inside the decision between Regieleki, the electric-type, and Regidrago, the dragon-type, needs to be made. In order to get the desired Pokémon, step on the stones to make the pattern glow in the pattern of the Pokémon you want. Once the pattern on the ground is made the room will shake and then interact with the statue who will then confirm the decision that was made. From there you can enter the encounter to Regieleki or Regidrago.



Regigigas raid den

Last but not least is Regigigas! It is a little more challenging to get this Pokémon since you will need both Regieleki AND Regidrago, so you will need to trade in whatever Pokémon you didn't get from the Split-Decision Ruins. Once you have all the Pokémon, Registeel, Regirock, Regice, Regieleki and Regidrago you are good to go! Have all said Pokémon in your party and head to Giant's bed. In Giant's Bed, there is a unique Den, if the required Pokémon are not in your party it will say "There doesn't seem to be anything in the den..." and will not prompt you to throw in a Wishing Piece.

Once you have the required Pokémon and have found the correct Den, interact with the Den and it will pull you into a Max Raid with Regigigas where you can capture him after defeating him.

regigigas official artwork

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