Dynamax Adventures Guide

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A guide on how Dynamax Adventures work.

How Dynamake Adventures Work

In a Dynamax Adventure players will form a team of four and then talk to the professor in front of the tunnel entrance. Players can either play with friends online or with computers. Once a team has been made it's time to choose a Pokémon. Players will borrow a single Pokémon to take with them. There will be 3 randomly selected Pokémon to choose from, and each Trainer will pick one. Once the Pokémon has been picked players will head into the den.

At the start, there will be an overview of what to expect to see in the den showing you the branches and the Pokémon at the end. While players can't see which Pokémon are coming up, the type of each Pokémon is visible.

Branches in Dynamax Adventures
dynamax adventures final Pokemon

In the den, there is a series of branches that can alter the path that is taken. The player and their team must agree on what path to take together. Once players encounter a Dynamax Pokémon, it's time for a Max Raid Battle, so players can battle and then catch the Pokémon. Once the Pokémon is caught, one member of the team can choose to swap the Pokémon they started with to the one that was caught. This can be helpful if a Pokémon is low on health or not as effective. Check out our Pokémon Type Calculator to figure out type weaknesses and strengths.

Each Dynamax Adventure will have 4 encounter, always ending with a strong Pokémon that has a chance to be a Legendary or Ultra Beast. Check out the full list of Pokémon that can be found in Dynamax Adventures.

Through the branches of the den, players can also encounter professors, hikers, and berry piles.

A professor will have an extra Pokémon that one trainer in the group can switch to, the hiker will give players a selection of some held items that can help in battle, and the pile of berries will give players the option of a berry for their Pokémon.

Once the last encounter in the den is finished players will see a summary of the Pokémon that were caught in the den. Players must choose ONE Pokémon that they wish to keep from the adventure. Along with the single Pokémon, players are also rewarded Dynite Ore.

selecting pokemon in dynamax adventures

In the Max Lair

Professor (in lab coat)

Max lair professior

The professor that stands in front of the tunnel is that one that starts deals with Dynamax Adventures. Players can talk to her to start or inquire about them She will ask players if the want to "embark upon a Dynamax Adventure". She can also keep track of how to find "certain special Pokémon", but she can only keep track of three Pokémon at a time. These special Pokémon will be the last Pokémon that can be found in a den, so generally a legendary or Ultra Beast.

Professor (in scrubs)

endless dynamax adventures

Once a players has completed a 3-5 Dynamax Adventures, talk to him and he will tell players about Endless Dynamax Adventures. Keep in mind that in this adventure players do not get to keep any of the Pokémon caught.


Peonia Trading Legendary locations

Peonia can be found in the Max Lair after after the first part of the main quest is complete. She will tell you about locations of Legendary Pokémon that she has seen in the Max Lair. She will offer to trade the location for 5 Dynite Ore pieces.

Keep in mind that the professor can only store the locations for 3 Pokémon at a time.


Peony in the Max Lair

Once players have completed the first section of the quest Peony can be found in the Max Lair. Players can talk to him about the Legendary Clues and Legendary Pokémon. He can also be battled here for extra money and experience.


Poipole in Max lair

Once the player has started the Ultra Beast story by finding the hint and completing 5 Dynamax Adventures that ends with an Ultra Beast encounter, Poipole will appear in the Max Lair.

Once it appears interact with it and the Professor will ask you to take it since she cant keep and eye on it.


Max Lair Merchant

A backpacker on the right side on the Max lair stands with a Sableye can sell players item in exchange for Dynite Ore. She sells a number of rare items such as experience candy, beast balls, and more.

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