Cooking Curry

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Tips and tricks for cooking Curry.

Cooking in  Pokemon Sword and Shield is a fun side game that also is useful in strengthening your overall game. With the use of key ingredients, berries, and some good timing you can achieve one of the 5 levels of curries, giving you a variety of perks from healing pokemon to increasing their friendship levels. 

There are 5 different levels you can achieve with your curry:

  1. Koffing Class: “Heals you Pokémon's hit points by 25%, increase Pokemon’s experience by a small amount, increase happiness by a small amount”
  2. Wobbuffett Class: “Heals Pokémon's hit points by 50%, increasing experience and happiness a small amount”
  3. Milcery Class (Bronze): “heals Pokémon's hit points 100%, removes status conditions, increase experience and happiness by a medium amount”
  4. Copperajah Class (Silver): “ Heals hit points 100%, removes status conditions, restores your party’s PP, increase experience and happiness by a large amount”
  5. Charizard Class (Gold) :“Heals Pokémon's hit points 100%, removes status conditions, restores, party’s PP, increase experience and happiness by a huge amount”

Koffing Class

koffing class badge

Wobbuffett Class

wobbuffet class badge

Milcery Class

milcery class badge

Copperajah Class

cooperajah class badge

Charizard Class

charizard class badge

There are at least 151 possible curries that you can make by combining Berries and special indigents, as well as 3 sizes for each type of curry, small which will be in a spoon, a medium size, and a large size.

For example here you can see the 3 difference sizes fo curry using the key item “Packaged Curry” 


small decorative curry


medium decorative curry


large decorative curry

The size will be determined by the pokemon that is at the head of your party. While cooking is a fun mini game it is also useful to increase friendship levels with pokemon and heal them. 

Fanning. Mixing, and Heart tips:
  • Don’t fan too fast, or the flame will burn the pot, sparks will indicate when your flame is at a good level.
  • Don’t stir too fast or risk spilling some curry, again sparkle will indicate when you are at a good speed.
  • For the heart, aim to have it in the smaller of the two green circles.
Special Ingredients List: 23

There are 3  main ways to get key ingredients: buying from vendors, finding them on the ground in the wild, and through interacting other players online in the Wild Area. To get special ingredients you can purchase them from the seller that can be throughout the Wild Area, and he is also at the entrance of Hammerlocke. 

If you have online access you can also talk to other players you see in the wild and receive items. 


Key ingredient sausage

Bob's Food Tin

bobs food tin

Bach's Food Tin

bachs food tin

Tin of Beans

tin of beans





Mixed Mushrooms

mixed mushrooms

Smoked-Poke Tail

smoked poke tail

Large Leek

large leek

Fancy Apple

fancy apple

Brittle Bone

brittle bone

Pack of Potatoes

pack of potatoes

Pungent Root

pungent root

Salad Mix

salad mix

Fried Food

fried food

Boiled Egg

boiled egg

Fruit Bunch

fruit bunch

Moomoo Cheese

moomoo cheese

Spice Mix

spice mix

Fresh Cream

fresh cream

Packaged Curry 

packaged curry

Coconut Milk

coconut milk

Instant Noodle

instant noodle

Pre-cooked burger

precooked burger



Berries can be found throughout the game on trees or from doing raids. To get them from trees you just need to shake the tree, although you need to be careful not to shake it too many times or a Pokémon will come out to battle you and take the majority of the fallen berries with it. Berries are great for cooking curries but are also very usual to heal Pokémon and give the extra abilities. 

There are 6 flavour profiles a berry can have, bitter, dry, sour, sweet, spicy, and no flavour. Some berries will only have on flavour while some have multiple flavour profiles. 




  • Rawst Berry
  • Aguav Berry
  • Coba Berry
  • Haban Berry
  • Jaboca berry
  • Ganlon Berry
  • Petaya Berry
  • Kee Berry
  • Maranaga Berry


  • Chesto Berry
  • Passho Berry
  • Charti Berry
  • Micle Berry
  • Yache Berry
  • Kebia Berry
  • Ganlon Berry
  • Apicot Berry


  • Aspear Berry
  • Lapapa Berry
  • Colbut Berry
  • Rowap Berry
  • Grepa Berry
  • Wacan Berry
  • Yache Berry
  • Kebia Berry
  • Apicot Berry
  • Salac Berry


  • Cheri Berry
  • Rindo Berry
  • Chople Berry
  • Figy Berry
  • Tamato Berry
  • Occa Berry
  • Tanga Berry
  • Babiri Berry
  • Pomeg Berry
  • Qualot Berry
  • Liechi Berry
  • Petaya Berry
  • Kee Berry


  • Shuca Berry
  • Mago Berry
  • Payapa Berry
  • Kasib Berry
  • Custap Berry
  • Roseli Berry
  • Pomeg Berry
  • Qualot Berry
  • Liechi Berry
  • Grepa Berry
  • Wacan Berry
  • Salac Berry
  • Maranga Berry

Neutral/ No Flavor

  • Kelpsy Berry
  • Hondew Berry
  • Lansat Berry
  • Starf Berry
  • Enigma Berry
  • Oran Berry (Not Sweet)
  • Leppa Berry (Not Dry)
  • Persim Berry (Not Dry)
  • Lum Berry (Not Sour)
  • Sitrus Berry (Not Spicy)
Curries and the Key Ingredients 

The general breakdown is that each key ingredient can make 6 different dishes, the base, and then 5 additional flavor profiles. 


Main Ingredient: None


small size curry


medium size curry


large curry


The aroma of the Galar masala tickles the nose in this extremely simple, basic curry.

Spicy Curry

The aroma of the Galar masala brings out the simple spiciness in this extremely basic curry.

Dry Curry

The aroma of the Galar masala makes the strong dryness prominent in this basic curry that many can enjoy.

Sweet Curry

The aroma of the Galar masala is accented by the strong sweetness. A curry that anyone can enjoy.

Bitter Curry

The aroma of the Galar masala greatly brings out the bitterness in this extremely simple curry.

Sour Curry

The aroma of the Galar masala mellows out the acidity in this truly simple curry.

Sausage Curry

Main Ingredient: Sausage 


Small sausage curry


medium sausage curry


large sausage curry

Sausage Curry

The taste of the boiled sausage really comes out in this curry thanks to the simple seasoning.

Spicy Sausage Curry

The spicy seasoning of the curry roux really brings out the umami of the sausage.

Dry Sausage Curry

The oil from the sausage softens the dry taste of the curry roux. It's quite easy for anyone to eat.

Sweet Sausage Curry

The sausage's umami and the sweet curry roux come together in a perfect match in this refined dish.

Bitter Sausage Curry

The texture of the sausage and the bitter curry roux make for a good match. This is a curry that adults often enjoy.

Sour Sausage Curry

The striking acidic taste of the curry roux and the rich umami of the sausage really stimulate the appetite.

Juicy Curry  

Main Ingredient: Bob's Food Tin


small juicy curry


medium juicy curry


large juicy curry

Juicy Curry

The contents of Bob's tin bring with them an unexpected volume and richness that one can really enjoy in this curry.

Spicy Juicy Curry

A meeting of the spicy seasoning and the effective punch of the tinned foods have united to create a miracle.

Dry Juicy Curry

A happy harmony between the dry flavor and oil. Men and women of any age can enjoy the safe and stable flavor.

Sweet Juicy Curry

It seems like a mismatch, but the combination is both rich and smooth, creating something beyond compare.

Bitter Juicy Curry

Within the rich wave of oil, the bitter notes of the curry roux are faint, but they provide an undeniable presence.

Sour Juicy Curry

The acidic taste suppresses the peculiar flavor of the ingredients, successfully only drawing out the umami.

Rich Curry

Main Ingredient: Bach's Food Tin


small rich curry


medium rich curry


large rich curry

Rich Curry

The strong umami in the tinned foods and the spicy seasoning in the curry roux are spoken of as an incredible combination.

Spicy Rich Curry

The curry roux's refreshing dry flavor brings out the rich taste of the tinned foods all the more in this curry.

Dry Rich Curry

The curry roux's refreshing dry flavor brings out the rich taste of the tinned foods all the more in this curry.

Sweet Rich Curry

With strong sweetness and profound richness, this is a dish that anyone who considers themselves a curry connoisseur should eat.

Bitter Rich Curry

The umami is so strong it practically numbs the tongue. The bitter flavoring strongly brings out the taste of the ingredients.

Sour Rich Curry

The acidic seasoning of the curry roux coats the tinned foods to create something you could eat again and again, and yet never tire of.

Bean Medley Curry  

Main Ingredient: Tin of Beans


small bean medley curry


medium bean medley curry


large bean medley curry

Bean Medley Curry

The acidic seasoning of the curry roux coats the tinned foods to create something you could eat again and again, and yet never tire of.

Spicy Bean Medley Curry

The acidic seasoning of the curry roux coats the tinned foods to create something you could eat again and again, and yet never tire of.

Dry Bean Medley Curry

A dry tasting curry roux and the light umami of the beans form a simple taste, but it's one you won't get tired of eating.

Sweet Bean Medley Curry

This curry has a sweet flavor, but this sweetness is mellowed by the simple taste of the added beans to create a flavor with some depth.

Bitter Bean Medley Curry

The bitterness of the curry roux neutralizes the taste of the beans. Even those who hate beans can enjoy this dish.

Sour Bean Medley Curry

The pleasant texture of the beans and the acidic curry roux play off each other in delightful harmony.

Toast Curry

Main Ingredient: Bread


small toast curry


medium toast curry


large toast curry

Toast Curry 

Even if you don't like the idea of eating two kinds of carbs, they're quite filling. It's an extremely amateurish meal.

Spicy Toast Curry

Surprisingly, the haphazard placement of the toast and the spicy curry roux make for a dish with a crunch that just won't quit.

Dry Toast Curry

Tear up the toast first, then mix it in with the curry roux to make the bitter flavor more mild and easier to eat.

Sweet Toast Curry 

Put the sweet curry roux on the savory toast like jam, then enjoy a taste that's curiously delicious.

Bitter Toast Curry 

Put the sweet curry roux on the savory toast like jam, then enjoy a taste that's curiously delicious.

Sour Toast Curry 

The fluffy texture of the toast paired with the acidic seasoning of the curry roux gives it a certain profoundness.

Pasta Curry  

Main Ingredient:  Pasta


small pasta curry


medium pasta curry


large pasta curry

Pasta Curry

A dish where one can enjoy curry with rice and curry with pasta all at the same time. Best to eat it when you're feeling really hungry.

Spicy Pasta Curry

It's recommended that you mix up the dish before eating it to get the most out of the spicy flavor.

Dry Pasta Curry

Even a dry taste matches well with the pasta. Enjoy both carbs—the rice and the pasta.

Sweet Pasta Curry

It has a great taste despite how it looks. The even, sweet curry goes well with both the rice and the pasta.

Bitter Pasta Curry

The spices, with their strong bitter notes, are rich enough that you really want the pasta as well to help balance them out.

Sour Pasta Curry 

Recommended for when you really want to eat some pasta, too. The strong, acidic curry roux keeps you eating to the last bite.

Mushroom Curry

Main Ingredient: Mixed Mushroom 


small mushroom curry


medium mushroom curry


large mushroom curry

Mushroom Curry

The umami of the various mushrooms seeps into the sauce, creating a dish that's a step above most others.

Spicy Mushroom Curry

The trick to bringing out the umami of the mushrooms is to make the spicy curry roux as striking as you can.

Dry Mushroom Curry

The combined flavors of the various mushrooms helps to make the dry flavor of the curry roux more mild.

Sweet Mushroom Curry

The crisp mushrooms, clad in sweet curry roux, make for a pleasant texture.

Bitter Mushroom Curry 

The inclusion of the mushrooms makes the bitter taste of this one-of-a-kind curry into an even- stronger sensation.

Sour Mushroom Curry 

The rich mushrooms and acidic flavor of the curry roux are a complex sensation, but create an umami aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

Smoked-Tail Curry  

Main Ingredient: Smoke-Poke Tail


small smoked tail curry


medium smoked tail curry
large smoked tail curry


Smoke-Tail Curry

A classic dish for any cook. The tail's umami puts the curry roux in a rank above.

Spicy Smoked-Tail Curry

The sharp bite of the spicy curry roux helps with the overpowering heaviness of the tail, making it easier to eat.

Dry Smoked-Tail Curry

A happy union between the juicy tail and the dry curry roux. It's a first-rate dish.

Sweet Smoked-Tail Curry

The prominent sweet seasoning matches well with the fragrance of the tail. The aroma is a dish all on its own.

Bitter Smoked-Tail Curry 

The fat dripping from the tail makes the bitter curry roux milder. It's a dish with a profound taste.

Sour Smoked-Tail Curry 

The acidity of the curry roux helps to balance the tail's unique flavor. Truly a dish that's quite easy to enjoy.

Leek Curry

Main Ingredient:  Large Leek


small leek curry


medium leek curry


large leek curry

Leek Curry

ts charm is in its overwhelming volume. The basic seasoning does little to dull the flavor of the leek.

Spicy Leek Curry

The fruit-like sweetness of the savory grilled leek creates an exquisite balance with the spicy curry roux.

Dry Leek Curry

The juices of the leek have permeated the curry roux, lending its dry flavor even greater depths.

Sweet Leek Curry

The leek is the main feature of this curry. The sweetness of the curry roux does little more than bring out the umami of the leek.

Bitter Leek Curry

The fresh sweetness of the leek makes the curry roux's bitter flavor all the more vivid.

Sour Leek Curry

The striking sweetness of the leek amid the strongly acidic bite of the sauce makes this a truly invigorating dish.

Apple Curry  

Main Ingredient: Fancy Apple


small apple curry


medium apple curry


large apple curry

Apple Curry

A class of curry that is most assuredly sweet. It's not for everyone, but it's quite addictive for those who like it.

Spicy Apple Curry

The sweet apple and the spicy seasoning of the curry roux create an unexpectedly enjoyable harmony in this dish

Dry Apple Curry

The sweet and sour taste of the apple take the edge off the dry curry roux to make this a dish that's extraordinarily easy for anyone to eat.

Sweet Apple Curry

The meeting of sweet curry roux and sweet apple. The sweetness strikes the tongue and heart so profoundly, it leaves you feeling almost numb

Bitter Apple Curry

From within the bitter seasoning, a faint reverberating sweetness that seeped from the apple remains.

Sour Apple Curry

The sourness of the apple accentuates the acidic bite of the curry roux to create a bracing flavor.

Bone Curry

Main Ingredient: Brittle Bone


small bone curry


large bone curry


medium bone curry

Bone Curry

The flavors imparted by simmering the bone add depth to the curry roux, yet the flavor remains clean and delicious.

Spicy Bone Curry

The flavors imparted by simmering the bone really play up the spicy seasoning that's been added to the sauce.

Dry Bone Curry

The umami and richness from the bone mix into the dry curry roux to form a highly elegant flavor.

Sweet Bone Curry

The rich flavor extracted from the bone isn't outshone by the sweet curry roux . The aftertaste is exquisite!

Bitter Bone Curry

The flavor is so savory and rich, it even obscures the bitter notes in the curry roux. This is the power of using such a top-shelf bone as an ingredient.

Sour Bone Curry

The rich and savory flavor extracted from the bone and the acidic tang flavoring the sauce make this a dish with a pleasing aftertaste.

Plenty-of-Potato Curry  

Main Ingredient: Pack of Potatoes


small plenty of potato curry


medium plenty of potato curry


large plenty of potato curry

Plenty-of-Potato Curry

This basic and delicious curry is filled with pieces of soft and flaky potato.

Spicy Plenty-of-Potato Curry 

A dish where you can really enjoy the potatoes. You'll never tire of the spiciness, and those who like potatoes won't be able to stop their spoons

Dry Plenty-of-Potato Curry

Bite into these potatoes, thickly coated in the dry curry roux. There you'll find a deliciousness that needs no words.

Sweet Plenty-of-Potato Curry

The simple tastiness of the potatoes brings out the sweet seasoning of the curry roux in this wonderful dish.

Bitter Plenty-of-Potato Curry

The bitter seasoning of the curry roux and the simple sweetness of potatoes—truly a superior combination.

Sour Plenty-of-Potato Curry

The potatoes are purposely left unseasoned. Enjoy mixing them in with the acidic seasoning of the curry roux.

Herb Medley Curry

Main Ingredient: Pungent Root


small herb medley curry


medium herb medley  curry


large herb medley curry

Herb Medley Curry 

The spice of the root provides this simple curry roux with a delightful accent—and can clear out your sinuses!

Spicy Herb Medley Curry 

The refreshing spice of the root, the deep spicy heat of the curry roux—this is a must try for those that love spicy food.

Dry Herb Medley Curry 

The flavor of the root makes the somewhat heavy dryness of the curry roux more invigorating. Truly an easy dish for many to enjoy.

Sweet Herb Medley Curry 

The refreshing spiciness and aroma of the root is made all the more enjoyable by the sweet seasoning.

Bitter Herb Medley Curry 

The striking aroma of the root makes for a good pair with the bitter curry roux. A taste that's somewhat more for adults.

Sour Herb Medley Curry 

The peculiar aroma of the curry is irresistible when paired with the sour curry roux. A curry for those who call themselves curry aficionados.

Salad Curry  

Main Ingredient: Salad MIx


small salad curry


medium salad curry


large salad curry

Salad Curry

The many vegetables give the curry roux a mellow sweetness. This is a very healthy dish.

Spicy Salad Curry

Adding the spicy flavor has drawn out the umami in the vegetables, bringing about a profound taste.

Dry Salad Curry

The sweetness and richness of the vegetables softens the dry taste of the curry roux, making this dish actually quite easy for many to eat.

Sweet Salad Curry

The essence of the vegetables has dissolved into the sweet seasoning of the curry roux, giving it a profound umami.

Bitter Salad Curry

The distinct, bitter seasonings are accented well by the sweet flavor of the vegetables.

Sour Salad Curry

The strong acidic taste of the curry roux and the sweet taste of the vegetables make for a harmonious balance in this dish.

Fried-Food Curry

Main Ingredient: Fried Food


small Fried Food curry


medium fried food curry


large fried food curry

Fried-Food Curry

The hearty fried foods and the spicy curry roux make for a good match, though it weighs a bit heavily on the stomach.

Spicy Fried-Food Curry

The fried foods are covered in a thick crust and soaked in oil. It's enough to overpower even the spicy seasoning.

Dry Fried-Food Curry

The fried foods are cloaked in a thick layer of oil. Even the dry seasoning has been dulled.

Sweet Fried-Food Curry

The combination of the oily fried food with a sweet curry roux is... Well, let's just say it's an acquired taste.

Bitter Fried-Food Curry

There's so much oil from the fried foods that it erases the bitter taste of the curry roux. A dish with a lot of calories.

Sour Fried-Food Curry

The distinct acidity of the seasonings help mitigate the oiliness of the fried foods, allowing you to finish this dish without getting tired of it.

Boiled-Egg Curry  

Main Ingredient: Boiled Egg


small boiled egg curry


medium boiled egg curry


large fried food

Boiled-Egg Curry 

In a word, superb. The spicy curry roux brings out the tastiness of the egg

Spicy Boiled-Egg Curry 

The spicy taste of the curry roux helps to bring out the abundant umami in the egg. One of the ultimate curries.

Dry Boiled-Egg Curry 

The dry seasoning brings out the sweetness of the egg. It's hard to go wrong with this dish.

Sweet Boiled-Egg Curry 

The sweet taste of the curry roux truly pairs with the richness of the egg. A dish with the power to move one's emotions.

Bitter Boiled-Egg Curry 

A popular dish among gourmands. Breaking the egg and eating it with the curry roux changes the bitter taste to a more rich one.

Sour Boiled-Egg Curry 

The distinct acidic seasoning pairs quite well with the egg whites. So delicious it'll practically make you howl.

Tropical Curry

Main Ingredient: Fruit Bunch


small tropical curry


medium tropical curry


large tropical curry

Tropical Curry 

With one bite of the fruits and one sip of the spicy curry roux, you'll swear you felt the breeze of a southern tropical island.

Spicy Tropical Curry 

The fruits are sweet and juicy. They give the spicy curry roux a pleasant accent.

Dry Tropical Curry 

The distinct dry seasoning draws out the unique sweetness of the fruits all the more in this curry.

Sweet Tropical Curry 

The sweetness of the fruits seeps completely into the curry roux, making it exceedingly sweet.

Bitter Tropical Curry 

The vivid sweetness of the fruits and the curry roux's bitter taste make an unexpectedly good match.

Sour Tropical Curry 

The peculiar sweetness of the fruits and the strong, acidic seasoning make this a unique curry, one you'll make a habit of eating

Cheese- Covered Curry  

Main Ingredient: Moomoo Cheese


small cheese covered curry


medium cheese covered curry


large cheese covered curry

Cheese-Covered Curry

The melted cheese gives the curry a strong richness. This is a curry that's popular with women.

Spicy Cheese-Covered Curry

The richness and sweetness of the cheese make the spicy flavor more mild. This is a curry with a good taste.

Dry Cheese-Covered Curry

Freely cover this dish in cheese. The more there is, the more it brings out the delicious, dry seasoning.

Sweet Cheese-Covered Curry

The richness of the cheese strongly brings out the sweet taste of the curry roux. This is a curry that's perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Bitter Cheese-Covered Curry

The trick to preparing this dish is to not hold back when adding the cheese. It changes the curry roux's bitter taste to something more profound.

Sour Cheese-Covered Curry

The acidity of the curry roux and the cheese's sweetness create a distinct taste that's hard to stop eating once you've started.

Seasoned Curry

Main Ingredient: Spice Mix


Small seasoned curry


medium seasoned curry


large seasoned curry

Seasoned Curry 

A strongly seasoned, stimulating, spiced dish. Truly a curry for the curry lover.

Spicy Seasoned Curry 

Over fifty different kinds of spices create a very complex flavor. The spicy heat is quite good.

Dry Seasoned Curry 

Thanks to the potent dry seasoning, the richness and aroma of the spices is quite prominent in this curry.

Sweet Seasoned Curry 

Though this curry has a kick to it, it's still easy to eat. The peculiar flavor of the spices is mitigated by the sweet curry roux.

Bitter Seasoned Curry 

The profound bitterness together with the kick of the spices creates an engrossing flavor.

Sour Seasoned Curry 

The savory aroma of the spices creates a splendid harmony with the distinctly sour-tasting curry roux.

Whipped-Cream Curry  

Main Ingredient: Fresh Cream


small whipped cream curry


medium whipped cream curry


large whipped cream curry

Whipped-Cream Curry 

Thanks to the cream, this is a curry with quite a mild taste. A dish that even young kids will easily enjoy.

Spicy Whipped-Cream Curry 

A strange accent is created from the pairing of the abundantly sweet cream and the spicy seasoning.

Dry Whipped-Cream Curry 

The cream's richness gives the dry seasoned curry roux a nuanced umami.

Sweet Whipped-Cream Curry 

The addition of the cream has made the sweet curry roux even sweeter. It's practically a dessert now.

Bitter Whipped-Cream Curry 

Mixing in the cream has made the bitter curry roux more mild. An unexpectedly tasty dish.

Sour Whipped-Cream Curry 

The acidic flavor is masked in the tasty sweetness of the cream. This curry has a great balance.

Decorative Curry

Main Ingredient: Packaged Curry 


small decorative curry


medium decorative curry


large decorative curry

Decorative Curry 

An improper curry that casts aside taste in favor of looking cute. It's ideal for taking pictures to share.

Spicy Decorative Curry 

Despite its cute look, the curry roux is overly spicy. This dish's appearance and taste are at complete odds.

Dry Decorative Curry 

The intense dry taste isn't too pleasing, but the cute decorations are truly captivating. This is a curry for a truly niche audience.

Sweet Decorative Curry 

The curry's cute appearance and the rich, sweet flavor of the curry roux make this dish very popular with young children.

Bitter Decorative Curry 

You wouldn't suspect it from how it looks, but this dish is bitter enough to make water taste sweet by comparison.

Sour Decorative Curry 

In contrast to how it looks, it's got a strange, sour taste. It fills you with a mysterious feeling when you eat it.

Coconut Curry  

Main Ingredient: Coconut Milk


small coconut curry


medium coconut curry


large coconut curry

Coconut Curry 

The milk's sweetness and richness raise this curry to a stage above most others.

Spicy Coconut Curry 

The spicy curry roux and the sweet milk are a perfect match. An unbelievably superb dish.

Dry Coconut Curry 

The fine sweetness of the milk paired with the dry taste of the curry roux changed to create a magnificent umami.

Sweet Coconut Curry 

It's certainly a sweet curry. However, the sweetness comes from the milk, so you can eat this curry without it being sickening.

Bitter Coconut Curry 

The sweetness and richness of the milk makes the bitter curry roux taste great. The very definition of a witty taste.

Sour Coconut Curry 

A dish quite popular among young folks. The acidic seasoned curry roux pairs excellently with the sweetness of the milk.

Instant-Noodle Curry

Main Ingredient: Instant Noodle 


small instant noodle curry


medium instant noodle curry


large instant noodle curry

Instant-Noodle Curry 

When the instant noodles and the curry were combined, they became exactly what you'd expect—junk food.

Spicy Instant-Noodle Curry 

A taste preferred by young people. The spicy curry roux and the instant noodles create an unexpectedly good match.

Dry Instant-Noodle Curry 

When the dry tasting curry roux and the instant noodles intermix, they evolve to create a deliciousness that's a rank above.

Sweet Instant-Noodle Curry 

The artificial flavor of the instant noodles actually makes for a pretty good pair with the sweet tasting curry roux.

Bitter Instant-Noodle Curry 

The strong, bitter seasoning helps to transform the taste of the instant noodles into something more genuine.

Sour Instant-Noodle Curry 

The powerful acidic taste of the curry roux makes up for the lackluster instant noodles, making this dish pretty tasty.

Burger-Steak Curry  

Main Ingredient: Precooked Burger


small burger steak curry


medium burger steak curry


large burger steak curry

Burger-Steak Curry 

Breaking up the burger into the curry, mixing it, and eating it that way creates a supereffective taste.

Spicy Burger-Steak Curry 

The spicy curry roux and the juicy burger form a combination that'll keep your spoon moving.

Dry Burger-Steak Curry 

Though the burger has a lot of oil, the curry roux's dry flavor keeps the dish light and easy for anyone to eat.

Sweet Burger-Steak Curry 

A dish with an acquired taste. The sweet curry roux and burger make for a very strong character.

Bitter Burger-Steak Curry 

The burger's oil and the bitter seasoning make a great pair. It's hard to go wrong with this dish.

Sour Burger-Steak Curry 

The acidic curry roux has a kick to it that really brings out the umami of the burger, making a delicious meal.

Gigantamax Curry

Main Ingredient: Gigantamix


gigantamax curry

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