How to get Fossil Pokémon

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How to get the items and make a Fossil Pokémon.

Finding Fossils:

All fossils can be found in both versions of Pokémon Sword and Shield but the Bird Fossil’s and Dino Fossil’s are more common in Sword while the Drake Fossil’s and Fish Fossil’s are more common in Shield.

Bird Fossil

Dino Fossil

Fish Fossil

Drake Fossil

fossilized bird fossil
fossilized dino fossil
fossilized fish fossil
fossilized drake fossil

Fossils can be found by the Digging Duo in the Wild Area at the Bridge Field or on the ground when you see the sparkle, indicating an item on the ground.

The Fossil Professor:

Once you have the fossils there are four Pokémon that can be created, depending on the two fossils used.





Bird +Drake Fossil

electric icon
dragon icon

Bird + Dino Fossil

electric icon
ice icon

Fish + Drake Fossil

water icon
dragon icon

Fish + Dino Fossil

water icon
ice icon
dracozolt official artwork
arctozolt official artwork
dracovish official artwork
arctovish official artwork

You can find the Fossil Professor near Stow-in-Side on Route 6. The Professor will only prompt you to combine your fossil if you have a combinable set, if you don’t have them, she will just tell you information about Fossil Pokémon.

fossil main image
fossil professor

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