How to Evolve Milcery

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How to evolve Milcery and the 63 forms of Alcremie.

Where to Find Milcery

  • In the Wild areas Bridge Field and Giant's Mirror
  • Route 4 in the grass


There are 7 types of Sweets that can be used to evolve Milcery

Berry Sweet

berry sweet

Clover Sweet

clover sweet

Flower Sweet

flower sweet

Love Sweet

love sweet

Ribbon Sweet

ribbon sweet

Star Sweet

star sweet

Strawberry Sweet

strawberry sweet

While the combination of time of day, direction of spin and length of spin will determine the Alremie’s form, the candy that is used will also affect the appearance of you Alremie.

To get the sweets to evolve Milcery you can battle the shop keeper of the “Battle Cafe” in 3 locations: Motosoke, Hammerlocke, or Wyndon. You can battle him once a day per location, meaning you have 3 chances a day of getting a Sweet. A variety of rewards can be given by the Shop Keeper so it may take a few battles before you receive a Sweet from him.

Motosoke City Cafe

cafe in motosoke City

Hammerlocke City Cafe

Cafe in hammerlocke city

Wyndon City Cafe

cafe in wyndon city

Evolving Milcrey into Alcremie

Once you have a Sweet and a Milcery, you are set to go. Fist put Milcery into your party and then you will need to give Milcery the sweet to hold. Once that’s done, your avatar will need to do a spin.

The from the Milcery will evolve into will be determined by 3 things:

  • Direction of spin
  • Duration of spin
  • Time of day of spin

* Note: Shiny Milcery has only one possible evolution which is the Shiny Alcremie form

shiny milcery
shin alcremie

There are 8 possible Alcremie forms, and between teh different forms and variety of Sweet's there is a possibility of 65 Alcremie.

Vanilla Swirl

Spin clockwise quickly in the day.

vanilla berry alcremie
vanilla clover alcremie
vanilla flower alcremie
vanilla love alcremie
vanilla ribbon alcremie
vanilla star alcremie
vanilla strawberry alcremie
Ruby Cream

Spin anticlockwise quickly in the day.

ruby berry alcremie
ruby clover alcremie
ruby flower alcremie
ruby love alcremie
ruby ribbon alcremie
ruby star alcremie
ruby strawberry alcremie
Matcha Cream

Spin clockwise quickly at night.

matcha berry alcremie
matcha clover alcremie
matcha floweralcremie
matcha love alcremie
matcha ribbon alcremie
matcha star alcremie
matcha strawberry alcremie
Mint Cream

Spin anticlockwise for more than 5 seconds at night.

mint berry alcremie
mint clover alcremie
mint flower alcremie
mint love alcremie
mint ribbon alcremie
mint star alcremie
mint strawberry alcremie
Lemon Cream

Spin clockwise for more than 5 seconds at night.

lemon berry alcremie
lemon clover alcremie
lemon flower alcremie
lemon lovealcremie
lemon ribbon alcremie
lemon star alcremie
lemon strawberry alcremie
Salted Cream

Spin anticlockwise quickly at night.

salted berry alcremie
salted clover alcremie
salted flower alcremie
salted love alcremie
salted ribbon alcremie
salted star alcremie
salted strawberry alcremie
Ruby Swirl

Spin anticlockwise for over 5 seconds in the day.

ruby swirl berry alcremie
ruby swirl clover alcremie
ruby swirl flower alcremie
ruby swirl love alcremie
ruby swirl ribbon alcremie
ruby swirl star alcremie
ruby swirl strawberry alcremie
Caramel Swirl

Spin clockwise for 5 seconds.

Alcremies caramel swirl form with ribbon sweet
caramel swirl clover Alcremie
caramel swirl flower Alcremie
caramel swirl love Alcremie
caramel swirl ribbon Alcremie
caramel swirl star Alcremie
caramel swirl strawberry Alcremie
Rainbow Swirl

Spin anticlockwise for over 10 seconds at dusk.

rainbow berry alcremie
rainbow clover alcremie
rainbow flower alcremie
rainbow love alcremie
rainbow ribbon alcremie
rainbow star alcremie
rainbow strawberry alcremie

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