Pokémon that are Gifted

Pokémon that are given as gift in Pokémon Sword and Shield and the DLC's.

Starter Pokémon

Location: Postwick

When Leon returns home from a trip be bring three Pokémon. He offers the player first choice of the three and then his brother Hop chooses after, Hop will choose the Pokémon that has a disadvantage to yours.

grookey official artwork
scorbunny official artwork
sobble official artwork

Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee

Location: Meet-Up Spot

In the train station there is a man with two children. If you have a save file on your Nintendo Switch from Let's Go Pikachu! talk to the his daughter and she will give you a Pikachu. If you have a save file for Let's Go Eevee! talk to the son and he will give you an Eevee.

pikachu official artwork
eevee official artwork


Location: Route 5

At the Nursery on Route 5 a Caretaker will give you a Toxel that has recently hatched.

toxel official artwork

Fossil Pokémon

Location: Route 6

The Fossil Professor on Route 6 will offer to combine two fossils to revive a Pokémon. There are 4 possible combinations. Check out this guide for more details!

dracozolt official artwork
arctozolt official artwork
dracovish official artwork
arctovish official artwork

Type: Null

Location: Battle Tower

After becoming Champion a League Staff member in the Battle tower will give you a Type: Null that is in need of a trainer. They also give you the Memory items that are used to evolve it into Silvally.

Type: Null
typenull official artwork

Leon's Charmander

Location: Postwick

After becoming Champion players can find a Charmander in a Poké Ball in Leon's room at Hop and Leon's house.

charmander official artwork

Isle of Armor

Master Dojo

Location: Master Dojo

After completing the first trial at the Master Dojo players will be asked to pick one of the two Pokémon. Both have the Gigantamax forms since they have the Gigantamax Factor.

bulbasaur official artwork
squirtle official artwork

Mustard's Challenge

Location: Master Dojo

Kubfu is given to the player by Mustard after winning the Dojo challenge. Kubfu can be evolved into the Urshifu Single Strike Style at the Tower of Darkness or Urshifu Rapid Strike Style at the Tower of Waters.

kubfu official artwork

From Hyde

Location: Master Dojo

Talk to the Porygon that is in the Master Dojo and Hyde will ask if you want it.

porygon official artwork

Diglett Hunt Rewards (Alolan Pokémon )

Location: Fields of Honor

These are the Pokémon that players will get for rewards as they locate the Digletts that are all around Isle of Armor. Talk to the hikers beside the bridge in Fields of Honor to receive the rewards.

5 Diglett Found

alolan meowth official artwork

10 Diglett Found

slowpoke official artwork

20 Diglett Found

alolan vulpix official artwork

30 Diglett Found

alolan sandshrew official artwork

40 Diglett Found

alolan raichu

50 Diglett Found

alolan marowak

75 Diglett Found

alolan exeggutor image

100 Diglett Found (Grookey Starter)

rowlet official artwork

100 Diglett Found (Scorbunny as Starter )

litten official artwork

100 Diglett Found (Sobble as Starter)

popplio official artwork

151 Diglett Found

alolan diglett official artwork

Trades in the Wild

Throughout the Isle of Armor there are female traders that will offer to trade you a Pokémon of same species for a different from.

In exchange for a Kantonian Exeggutor get a Alolan Exegguto

alolan exeggutor image

In exchange for a Kantonian Marowak get a Alolan Marowak

alolan marowak

In exchange for a Galarian Zigzagoon get a Hoennian Zigzagoon

zigzagoon official artwork

In exchange for a Galarain Corsola get a Johtonian Corsola

corsola official artwork

In exchange for a Galarian Farfetch'd get a Kantonian Farfetch'd

farfetchd official artwork

In exchange for a Galarian Meowth get a Kantonian Meowth

meowth official artwork

In exchange for a Galarian Mr. Mime get a Kantonian Mr. Mime

mrmime official artwork

In exchange for a Galarian Ponyta get a Kantonion Ponyta

ponyta official artwork

In exchange for a Galarian Weezing get a Kantonian Weezing

weezing official artwork

In exchange for a Galarian Darumaka get a Unovian Darumaka

darumaka official artwork

In exchange for a Galarian Stunfisk get a Unovian Stunfisk

stunfisk official artwork

Crown Tundra

For Protecting Frezzington

Location: Freezington

After protecting the town of Freezington from Glastrier or Spectrier, the lady in the 3rd house will gift you a Comog that she had found recently and was in need of a good trainer.

cosmog official artwork

In the Max Lair

Location: Max Lair

Once 15 Dynamax Adventures are completed, and the Ultra Beast story has been started you can get a Poipole. The Poipole will appear in the Max Raid lair and the Doctor will ask that you take care of it.

poipole official artwork

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