Isle of Armor

Isle of Armor general information


Players will get to the Armor station and outside the station Klara/ Avery will be waiting, mistaking the player for the new student for the Master Dojo. The player and Klara/ Avery will battle, after loosing they will warn players again continuing to the Master Dojo.

The Trial

Once the player goes to the Master Dojo and meets Honey and Mustard, Mustard announced to his student about the Trial

"It's time to really start training! You'll all be facing the three trials... And there's more! The person who completes the three trials will receive the secret armor of the dojo."

The first of the three trials is to to catch three Galarian Slowpokes that have stolen Klara/Avery's Dojo uniform. They have run off into the Soothing Wetlands all running at +6 speed. Catch the three Slowpokes to complete the first trial.

The second trial is to find 3 clusters of Max Mushrooms to make Max Soup. These Max Mushroom clusters can be found in the Warm-Up Tunnel.

For the third and final trial students that completed the first two trials battle each other. Only the payer and Klara/Avery successfully completed the other two trials so they battle, making use of the battlefield that is behind the Master Dojo.

Despite Klara/Avery trying to be cunning and cheat in order to win, the player still comes out victorious.

Once the player has succeeded in all three trials Mustard awards them with a Kubfu, the secret armor.

The Towers and Gigantamaxing Kubfu

To evolve Kubfu into Urshifu players will need to choose between training at Tower of Darkness or Tower of Waters, whichever one is not chosen will no longer be accessible to players. If Kubfu is trained at Tower of Darkness it will evolve into Urshifu Single Trike Style, and if trained at Tower of Waters it will evolve to Urshifu Rapid Strike Style.

Once Kubfu is evolved into Urshifu players can also teach Kubfu a Gigantamax form using the Max Soup. For this players will look for the ingredients need with the help of Hop. Players need will need Max Mushrooms as well as a specialty sweetening ingredients since Kubfu/Urshifu does not like the flavor of the Max Soup.

In the quest to find a sweet and sticky nectar players will find a Petilil and reunite it with its parents Liligant, and search for a Applin for its nectar; neither the Liligant or the Applin's nector is sticky enough for Urshifu.

Next is finding a Vespigueen on Honyecalm Island, once here the tree in the middle will set off Hop's Power Spot Detector. Players must go up to the tree and will be brought into a Max Raid Battle with a Vespiqueen, once the Raid is done Max Honey will fall from the tree.

Now that players have the Max Honey and Max Mushrooms Max Soup can be made for Urshifu.

Main locations

Master Dojo

The Master Dojo is the main location in Isle of Armor, it is where players will learn about the Trials of the "Secret Armor" and train along side Mustard and his students.

Tower of Darkness

The Tower of Darkness is one of the two locations that can be used while training. From this Tower Kubfu will evolve into Urshifu Single Strike Style. Once players choose this tower to train at the Tower of Waters will no longer be accessible.

Tower of Waters

The Tower of Waters is one of the twp locations that can be used while training. From this Tower Kubfu will evolve into Urshifu Rapid Strike Style. Once players choose this tower to train at the Tower of Darkness will no longer be accessible.

Important People


Mustard is the Dojo Master at the Master Dojo on Isle of Armor


Honey is Mustard's wife and she helps run the Master Dojo. She can bring in amenities to the Dojo in exchange for Watts.

Klara (Sword)

Klara is the rival that players will face in Pokémon Sword.

Avery (Sheild)

Avery is the rival that players will face in Pokémon Shield.


Poké Mart



Poké Ball


Great Ball


Ultra Ball




Super Potion


Hyper Potion


Max Potion


Full Restore




Burn Heal


Ice Heal




Paralyze Heal


Full Heal






Super Repel


Max Repel


Poké Doll


Man on the Left inside Armor Station

This Fashion Desgier got off at the wrong station and for 3,000 dollars he will sell pleyers cloth so be can afford a Taxi.

Players will receive W x F x G ensemble containing :

  • Casual Tee
  • Hoodie
  • Patterned Tights
  • Sport Cap
Women on the Right in Armor Station

Players can show this scientist their Armor Pokédex, once it is full she will give players a reward.

Reward for Completing Isle of Armor Pokédex:

  • Mark Charm
  • Replica Gold Crown
  • Certificate

Wild Area

Fields of Honor
Workout Sea
Soothing Wetlands
Forest of Focus
Training Lowlands
Potbottom Desert
Brawler's Cave
Challenge Road
Courageous Cavern
Loop Laggon
Challenge Beach
Stepping-Stone Sea
Insular Sea
Honeycalm Sea
Honeycalm Island

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