The Galar Region is the location for Pokémon Sword and Shield

Gym Challenge

In the Galar Region, Players will compete in the Gym Challenge which is to battle eight gyms, collecting Gym Badges. Before one can participate in this they must get an endorsement. The Player will get an endorsement from Leon, their childhood friend Hop's older brother. Alongside Hop, the player will explore the Galar region catching Pokémon, battle fellow Pokémon trainers and battling in Stadiums.

Players will travel to Motostoke, Turffield, Hulbury, Hammerlocke, Stow-on-Side, Ballonlea, Circhester, Spikemuth, and Wyndon meeting strong opponent and rivals along the way.

The Champion Cup

The Champion Cup is held yearly in the Galar Region. This tournaments prize is the League Championship! Outstanding Pokémon Trainers from through the Galar region participate in this tournament, as well as those that have completed the Gym Challenge.

Main People

Key Locations

Gym Leaders

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